A selection of my Favourite Websites


Aquarium Gardens - High quality plants - Glassware - CO2 - Professional Fertilisers. They're outstanding!

Aquaristikshop - A very good German shop

Aquatic Magic - Malaysian eBayer who sells glassware, CO2 equipment and some rare plants and mosses

The Nutrient Company - The best online shop for "All in One" and EI chemicals

RO-Man - Reverse Osmosis units and accessories

Lamp Specs - Where I get all my light tubes and bulbs from


UK Aquatic Plant Society - The UK's premier aquatic plant society

AQ Center - Home to a knowledgeable group of aquascapers

The Barr Report - Tom Barr's excellent website

Aquatic Gardeners Association - Produces a very good quarterly journal called The Aquatic Gardener

Practical Fishkeeping - The UK's best selling aquatic magazine

Tropica - Very high quality plants from Tropica.

Valotesti - Photo's of a tank with different fluorescent tubes


UK Aquatic Plant Society

AQ Center

Aquatic Plant Central

The Planted Tank

Tropical Fish Forums

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